Pure Physio Clinic

Pure Physio Clinic at La Mon Hotel is a boutique Physio Clinic catering for motivated individuals wanting an exemplary quality of care.

At Pure Physio Clinic, our aim is to make your visit a friendly and rewarding one. Our passion is in helping you understand the cause of your problem, work with you and provide tailored treatments to enhance your health and wellbeing and empower you to get back moving again so that you can enjoy doing what you love.

We aim to inspire confidence by adopting evidence-based treatment, keeping up with the latest developments, being innovative and progressive with our approach in all aspects.

We seek to understand and listen, to work as a team, be supportive and act with respect and integrity towards our patients, our colleagues and each other at all times.

Pure Physio has built strong relationships with local businesses and residents in the area over the last 12 years; and rewardingly, the majority of new patients at Pure Physio arrive through recommendations from existing or previous patients.

So using our extensive experience, we do more than just treat your symptoms – our physios do their best to find the origin of your discomfort so that we can get a full correct diagnosis. Our fully personalised treatments are aimed to start improving your symptoms from your very first session so that we can minimise your pain as quickly as possible.

We also have a great network of other health professionals that we work closely with such as Consultants and Specialist Sports Doctors so we are able to refer you to them if appropriate to help find the best solution for you.