At Pure Physio clinic you will receive expert and thorough diagnosis of your problem.


Pure Physio Clinic have significant experience in the assessment of golfers of all ages, range of golfing ability and treating golf related injuries or pain. Pure Physio works closely with many qualified Teaching Professionals at golf clubs in the local area providing screening programmes and formulating physiotherapy and coaching programmes.

The most commonly affected areas for golfers tend to be the lower back, wrists, shoulders and knees. A number of the injuries can be due to the golfers own posture, strength and flexibility. A poor posture can place a huge strain on many areas of the body through habit or necessity. A golfer playing for too long with an inappropriate posture whilst picking up practice balls, lack of adequate stretching, swing faults and even carrying a golf bag can affect your game and leave you requiring physiotherapy treatment.

Our treatment techniques are based on the latest research findings. Following a thorough assessment, treatment may include a combination of the following:

Pure Physio Clinic can also liaise directly with your PGA Professional to discuss your problem.