Neck Pain


At Pure Physio clinic you will receive expert and thorough diagnosis of your neck pain problem.

Neck Pain

Neck pain may originate from a number of structures of the spine including the intervertebral discs (the cushioning jelly like substance between the bones), ligaments, facet joints, muscles and nerves.

You will have your neck pain treated by one of our physiotherapists experienced in manipulative therapy. Our treatment techniques are based on the latest research findings. Following a thorough assessment, treatment may include a combination of the following.

Mobilisation and/or manipulation techniques to reduce pain and restore movement.

Soft tissue mobilisation techniques including massage to reduce spasm, scarring and swelling to ensure optimal healing of soft tissues.

Traction is available for both neck and lower back complaints especially those involving nerve impingement.

Specific stretches to improve muscle length.

Specific strengthening exercises that will progress as appropriate to improve joint stability and muscle balance. The McKenzie approach is just one exercise regime that Pure Physio may include in the management of your problem.

Electrotherapy to reduce pain and swelling.

Education and advice with respect to activities you need to avoid and potential behaviours, which may be beneficial, for example, postural advice.

You can be assured that the Pure Clinic Physiotherapists follow strict policies and procedures to ensure your treatments will be conducted safely.