Advice Leaflet on Good Posture


Good Posture

Posture is defined as ‘intentionally or habitually assumed position’

It is the position that our bodies maintain when we are standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture is the ability to maintain a balanced and efficient position whilst we constantly change activity. It involves the weight of the body being evenly distributed to enable movement with out placing excessive strain on any part of the body

Benefits of good posture:

General tips for good posture

Remember the following tips are reminders of what we should be doing to maintain good posture. However, if you have any particular concerns regarding your posture or are experiencing any pain, please contact a qualified health practitioner.

Regular exercise. This helps to improve your muscle strength, tone and endurance. It also means that you are helping to reduce the chance of musculoskeletal problems that can result in pain, loss of movement and daily limitations to your lifestyle.

At Pure Physio Clinic it is all about you…

As a specialised musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice, Pure Physio Clinic will work with you in order to provide targeted, expert advice in relation to postural conditioning and postural rehabilitation plans.