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Ashley Cochrane

National Division 1 Scotland Hockey Player

Over the past 6 years, I have experienced ongoing issues with my hamstring. Up until 2011, I was treated by numerous other physiotherapy practices who "patched me up" however the issue was never completely resolved and I was keen to find a long term solution to the problem.

Kirstin Haslett came highly recommended to me by a fellow hockey player and after initial consultation treatment soon began. I received a professional and informative, yet friendly service from Kirstin who swiftly identified the source of the problem to be stemming from my lower back region rather than just my hamstring area

After a few sessions, I was back on the training field and playing matches again and have not experienced any hamstring related issues since.

Claire Whyte

Having been successfully treated by Kirstin Haslett previously for minor sports injuries sustained whilst playing hockey, she was my first port of call when I developed severe pelvic pain during both of my pregnancies.

Kirstin was both professional and diligent in her quick consultation, early diagnosis and speedy treatment of my pelvic arthropathy that was causing me distress, reducing me to tears and preventing me from walking or even turning over in bed. After the initial treatment, I felt significant relief and after just a few more sessions I was on my feet again, able to enjoy my pregnancy, and comforted in the knowledge that Kirstin was always available at the earliest flare-up of the condition.

Kirstin provided me with simple, effective exercises & stretches that I could carry out myself as well as showing my husband a few massage techniques to again ease the pain which would often escalate at night. She was also helpful in recommending appropriate pelvic supports that would prevent the condition from recurring.

Stuart Johnston

All Ireland League 3 rugby player with Ards RFC and Down Area League Footballer with Ballygowan FC.

Kirstin Haslett has a warm, friendly and highly professional approach to her work, and I have been treated by her on many occasions over the past few years for a variety of sporting injuries including tears to both hamstrings, knee ligament damage obtained from rugby and football respectively.

I had previously attended numerous other physiotherapists with my hamstring injuries, however, after several further tears, I was recommended to try Kirstin Haslett. Having treated the initial injury, she quickly proceeded to find the reason for the reoccurrence, with her advanced knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, and swift analysis of my lower back, she identified the source and treated this as well. I was then given simple, yet effective, rehab exercises and stretches to help strengthen my back, core and hamstrings to prevent reoccurrence.

I have also been successfully treated for a serious knee ligament injury, which after initial diagnosis revealed tears to the ligaments on both sides of the knee and cartilage damage. Expensive surgery was not a viable option for me and Kirstin Haslett again helped treat my injury as well as aid effective rehabilitation and I have recovered sufficiently to get back to doing what I love most – playing sport!

Brian McCloy


As an ageing sportsman (football and badminton), my body soon lets me know when I have overdone it. Pure Physio is my ‘first phone call’ and over the last 12 years that I have been going to Kirstin and her team, I have received effective treatment for Achilles tendon, lower back pain, torn calf muscle and shoulder pain.

Appointment requests are quickly accommodated and can be booked around your work-life balance, during the day or at evenings. I have a regular Sports Massage every month and can genuinely feel the benefit from it. You have your body for life and it is up to you how you look after it, and with the care from the excellent team at Pure Physio I know I am in good knowledgeable hands.

Sharon McCloy


As a keen rambler who enjoys walking in the Scottish Highlands, I was gutted when I developed Plantar Fasciitis earlier this year. Claire at Pure Physio, after a few physiotherapy sessions and recommended exercises, got me back to full walking strength again and I have never looked back and can once again enjoy my walking.

She even suggested the style of walking boots that would greatly aid the support and cushioning of my feet, which after trying different brands on in a sports shop, I purchased…. pure comfort. I would highly recommend Pure Physio for their expertise, patient care and genuine desire to help their clients.


Northern Ireland

Like many I developed problems with my back, due to lifting things too heavy for me, sitting incorrectly and ignoring my body telling me there was a problem. Several times I have had such pain and movement restriction that I could not go to work. Doctors prescribed pain relief and rest. Employer not happy about me taking sick leave and NHS physiotherapy only available after prolonged waiting time on a list.

Desperate to be pain-free and live a normal life I decided that I needed help from a physio. Despite not having private medical insurance I went to see a physio privately.

Over the last ten years, I have needed physio to help me manage the persistent problem with my back.

Claire McBride has been treating me for at least five years. Claire and the team at Pure Physio are excellent. They are devoted to resolving their patient’s pain/movement issues. Taking time to listen and assess each patient, developing a treatment plan tailored to the individual. At all times professional, empathetic, caring, realistic, adaptable and honest.

I see Claire regularly but would be confident to see any of the physios at the clinic. Time has taught me the importance of good physiotherapy treatment to help with pain freedom, movement problems and living a good quality of life despite the wear and tear issues that come as life goes by.

I highly recommend Claire and the team at Pure Physio. They will do all to help you.


Northern Ireland

As a keen runner, Claire at Pure Physio is always my first port of call with any niggling runner injuries. A couple of years ago I was training for the Dublin marathon and sustained a calf injury, Claire’s “magic” hands and intense treatment over a couple of days had me back running again in 5 days.

I’ve also had some problems with my back and her expertise has ensured a successful treatment plan! Claire is very friendly and very professional and from my initial appointment with her she made me feel very comfortable and that no injury was ever a “silly” injury.

I always leave the clinic happy and armed with exercises to continue on from the treatment that she has given me in the clinic.

first attended Pure Physio when pregnant with my first child in 2014. Kirstin quickly put me at ease and I trusted her implicitly as she worked wonders with my ongoing back issues

Following childbirth, I chose Pure Physio for gynae physio to try and help my pelvic floor issues. At no stage was this uncomfortable or embarrassing. The treatment was straightforward and, most importantly, helped.

As and when my back flares, Pure Physio is my "go-to" for treatment that is effective and not too hard on my wallet!

A fabulous team and their knowledge and expertise are evident in their client-centred care as well as their passion and enthusiasm for all things physio.

I have been attending pure physio for years for various complaints. Mainly for migraine & neck issues in recent years. I have always had first-class treatment & consultation. The team have always offered great advice and accommodated me at short notice when flair ups have come on suddenly. This has really made a difference and allowed me to continue with daily life.

I continued to attend throughout my recent pregnancy where my treatment was adapted to suit my condition. I have always valued the opinion of the Pure Physio team and been very grateful for their treatment over the years.

I could not recommend them highly enough for professional, first-class physio treatment

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